Thursday, 10 December 2015


Sri.Vedam Srinivasamurthy passed away on Sunday,the 22nd November,2015 at Nellore,Andhra Pradesh.

Sri.Alladi Sundararajan,youngest son of Late.Sri.Alladi Viswanadham(Chinna Viswanadham) and Smt.Alladi Ananthalakshamma of Rebala Village,Nellore passed away in Houston,USA on Monday,the 30th November,2015 at 10.55 P.M(USA time),Tuesday,the 01st December,2015 at 10.25 A.M(IST).

He was a resident of Sanath Nagar,Hyderabad.

He is survived by his Wife Smt.Puranam Hymavathi,2 daughters and a son.